Monday, November 2, 2009

Our government argues over money while 9/11 heroes die

9/11 heroes are still dying.
Congress has before it the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act.
This Bill was named after the first 9/11 rescuer to die from the "safe air" at Ground Zero. Our government continues to refuses to acknowledge they are responsible in any way for 9/11.
This includes their reluctance to act once again to assist those who are still giving their lives for their service to our country.
The James Zadroga Bill is controversial among members of the House. There are many lawsuits against the US government by rescue workers who believed the EPA's lie and were never told about the toxic air or given respirators. The Congress is trying to decide which action is least expensive. Pay out by court settlements or pay out by this bill.
Those that oppose the bill are worried about setting precedent in regards to damages for terrorist attacks. They cite the fact that Oklahoma bombing victims did not get damage payments.
Excuse me Congress but there is a huge difference between those cited instances and 9/11.

Lets take a look at a few basic facts shall we?
Four airplanes flew off course with out intercept and two crashed into the World Trade Centers. One plane flew into the Pentagon and one crashed in pieces in a field; so saith the official conspiracy story. All of those in charge of America that day failed to act in a timely manner to prevent it. I do not care that war games were going on that day or what your concept of reality was that day. I care that those in charge failed to act in a reasonable manner or follow their own protocol regarding planes off course. This failure to act in a reasonable manner by our President,our military, our Vice President,and the FAA after being informed that four airplanes were off course and one had crashed into the WTC already is proof positive of incompetence, negligence or foreknowledge. People have sued and won cases of negligence for far less cause with far less evidence. So in this writer's opinion they should pass the James Zadroga Bill if for no other reason than those in government are responsible for 9/11 in one way or another. Either by negligence or direct involvement those in charge that day allowed 9/11 to happen. Congress; pass the James Zadroga Bill! Our 9/11 rescue workers deserve it. Stop waiting for them to die off so you will not have to deal with them. It is simply the right thing to do and is the very least of what you should do.

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