Sunday, December 7, 2008

9/11: False Flag Operations

What I have written below is directed to all of those who are willing to believe the "official story from the 9/11 commission".
It is also directed to those who will see all of this evidence then shrug their shoulders and say -
What can I do? I am just one person.
Well if all of those people who said that, got together, they would discover that they are quite a few.
If nothing else, when those corrupt demons in disguise, try to do this mess again (and they will) you will be in the know, and not so inclined to swallow the official bull - hook, line and sinker as the saying goes...

So America--You claim you want the truth about it all.
You claim that you have always known that our Government has lied to us.
You claim that all politicians are dishonest.
You claim that everyone in government is corrupt.
Well if after viewing the video below You do not make an outcry :))))
Then there is no hope for You or this country.
We will assume that You Like being lied to, would rather remain a sheeple,
and are quite content with the illusion of your life.
We will assume that you endorse the way our government has represented our interests in the world.
After all why should you rock the boat?

There has been more than enough evidence to reopen an investigation into 9/11.
People have been put away for life in prison or executed on much less.

The thing that gets me is that people will talk out of one side of their mouth on how much bull comes out of politicians mouths, watch them lie to get elected, then smile and call that politics.
Then when the lying to get the job people; who misrepresented their whole lives so that the people would elect the most popular player of the game, get in office; you people are surprised when they continue their lies?
Now all of the sudden they are incapable of lying to the public about whatever?
Are you people for real?
You cannot be that stupid.
The government thinks you are and they count on your selfishness and self centeredness.
They think you are easy to deceive.

The corrupt people in power are commonly known as the alphabet soup gang.
They lie to the President, the Congress, the Senate, and to us.

It has been reported that many in Congress and the Senate who consistently vote on the side of Money, have invested and/or are making lots of money from these endeavors in War.
It has been said that we are a war economy.
There are the various branches of military higher ups in cahoots with big business billionaires of the world.
CIA, NSA, GE corp. along with many other people/corporations are war profiteers.
They are under the illusion that this is how to put America to work.
They make this work this way:)))))
"We must help the world, we must rid the world of evil doers, those others, this creates new jobs, money flows, their idea of democracy rules, the world according to their warped philosophy of what Christianity is spreads around the world,"the bad guys" who have different religious beliefs lose, and all is right with the world."

Oh yes they get rich and have greater power.
Most importantly you get a J-O-B!!!
You will work like a slave for them, they will get rich, you will die much younger, completely wore out from all the chemical exposures and stress along with the bad food they will feed you because that is all about jobs.
When politicians promise you jobs, this is what they are talking about.
The sad part of it all is that no one has ever questioned this philosophy en-mass.
People were happy as long as their style of living wasn't bothered.

The horror of it all is this concept is clearly a lack of love for ones fellow humanity.
A complete and utter disregard of the gentle Nazarene's teachings.

We the people have allowed this. It seems that people are easy to deceive.
People will believe a lie and then haggle over what truth is when it is staring them in the face.
People will believe a politicians mirage, accept it as fact on NO EVIDENCE and when real evidence is presented by people who have nothing to gain and much to lose,
like their lives, their reputation, and much more:))))
They will argue the real evidence with the Illusionary smokescreen evidence that people who have everything to gain profit wise, who are known deceivers, have fed them.

What can we the people do about it?
Let them know you know what they are doing!
Tell them ENOUGH already!!
The single most important effective thing one can do about it is this- stop giving these people /corporations your money.
STOP playing the game.
It is their game and it is rigged.
STOP playing.
Stop believing whatever they feed you.
Do your own research!
Stop looking for a leader to save you and make it better.

Under False Flag: