Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Special Invitation

Hello Friends,

Fran Shure just sent out an announcement about the upcoming CO911Truth interview with Wayne Coste about his work on the mechanisms of demolition of the Twin Towers.  I am following up this announcement (to a subset of her list) with an appeal to the scientists and engineers in the movement to attend this Zoom interview and participate in the Q&A.  

Wayne calls his hypothesis “Propelled Demolition,” which I initially found to be a confusing and non-explanatory title.  Wayne circulated his main paper on this proposal to a large number of scientists and engineers in the movement in the hope of productive discussion, but he got zero response.  I hadn’t responded either, so I contacted him and had him walk me through it.  I was amazed!  This is not a crackpot theory and it is not a debunking of the demolition hypothesis.  What he is doing is adding nuance to the broad, hand-waving “explosives were used” statement to bring it into alignment with the actual evidence.

Stated very simply his hypothesis relies on the distinction that Niels Harrit and others have made between  “incendiaries,” on one extreme, “explosives” on the other extreme, and a midrange category of materials used as “propellents.”  Nanothermite can be “tuned” to behave in any of those ways.  Stated simply, Wayne presents interesting evidence that the towers were literally ripped apart, not by cutting through the steel, but by using pyrotechnics that produced very hot, high pressure expanding flows of gas from the core that literally ripped the towers apart at their weakest links, incinerating everything in their path.  (This is not to deny that high explosives may also have been used, particularly to cut the core columns.)

I believe this hypothesis is very significant, but it needs discussion, and for that to happen it needs the attention of those in the movement capable of digesting it.  I hope you will attend the live Zoom meeting and contribute to the Q&A.  If you are unable to do so I hope you will watch the recorded interview and correspond with Wayne and me.

I am looking forward to this event.

For your convenience, here again is the web site which contains the description and the Zoom information:

--David Chandler
for Colorado 911 Truth and Scientists for 9/11 Truth