Tuesday, November 29, 2022



In relation to Kanye walking out of the interview when pushed about who "they" are:

It's obvious there's a mixture of rich interests (many Zionist) and intelligence people (many CIA) pulling the strings when it comes to mass information and finance in the USA. This is obvious to anyone that looks but it isn't only just these interests. Kanye's point, in general, is valid about who "they" are in relation to the entertainment sector and finance as he's been at the receiving end of these people. Look at how he was treated by his former "handler" and the general ruthless censorship and debanking of him. 

In a fairer world there would have been more engagement and discussion, not threats to drug Kanye and censor him and moves to put him out of business or in jail.  

And it's likely true that both Kanye and Tim would agree that the people Kanye is talking about are rich elitists and intelligence-connected people and not ordinary Jewish people, many of whom would also be unhappy with the shenanigans of the ruling cabal (that include other corrupt elitists).

Tim actually contradicted himself when he said he won't let Kanye just hold the floor because he admitted that he allowed this to happen with Milo. Why not just let him speak for an hour rather than controlling the conversation. You can then steer things later. He tried to justify it, but a more welcoming approach would have been to let Kanye get a few things off his chest. Why not?

Furthermore, it seemed to me that Kanye was also stressed in speaking about his situation from his hand gestures. Although he believes God is helping him he's in a very difficult position. 

The basic issue at the heart of everything is corruption.

It does not matter what your religion is in this sense when you are part of a corrupt and controlling network. Speaking truth to the corruption and controlling influences is the right thing to do. If the people accused of running a corrupt and controlling network take issue with this sort of categorisation they could offer a reasoned explanation. It's not happening. They are acting as if someone is threatening their operation.  

Nevertheless it did appear that Kanye packed it in too early. He should have pushed his point or at least let the other two guests push it along rather than walk out. Tim did badger him (Kanye) a bit, but it was not too bad. It's likely Kanye was subject to accumulated stress and probably should not have appeared on the show at the time. No matter how domineering Tim likes to be on his show you can still argue with him. It's not like Tim would leave his own show in the face of a sustained argument. He'd try to divert away from the issue, but he would not walk out. 

Anyway, more needs to be said on this topic from all involved. There is no denying there is a collection of powerful and corrupt interests running the USA on many levels and Kanye has good cause to name who he named. What then needs to happen is open dialog, not censorship.    

[Posted at the SpookyWeather2 blog, November 30, 2022.]