Saturday, June 25, 2022

Breaking News! 9/11 Duh-Bunk-Turds Still Suck!

To the TikTok official story defender that thought a link to this blog was only worthy of an "lol" response. Yes indeed, a blog contributor here was just published in a peer reviewed engineering journal. 

Also, 9/11 Truthers in general are winning the battle of peer reviewed literature. This despite the odds of a fair shake being given to them being very low. This indicates that the official story is quite hard to defend in an academic sense. Because it makes no sense. 

But the nonsensical is presented as the opposite, as you obfuscate, omit, and present debunked arguments like they still are relevant. But I relent for a sec, afterall you are in over your head and can't rightly comprehend what you try to defend. 

But I might be wrong, friend. Unlike you who knows without doubt that you figured it all out. Or rather, that they in power did not steer you wrong. You are indeed righteous, so who knows? Snarky, pompous, dismissive, TikTokers might just be the veritas supreme despite their juvinile skeez. 

Well, I know a bad case of cognitive dissonance concerning the evils of this world often manifesting themselves in positions of authority/power when I see one. 

Your superiority complex stems from your psychological distress and a culture that presents official narrative defense as a marker of a high score on an IQ test, which then allows you to mock those that reportedly quest for the truth. 

The retort is ingrained in the fabric of narrative defender belief and minuta is of no need. It's prepackaged and being intellectually ahead of the curve reaffirming with ease and steez, that it's smart to believe what you believe.

No deep dives into evidentiary things are in need, when any moron can see, that these conspiracy dweeps are on the short bus with special needs. 

Yes, you see the news from the mainstream provides their eyes with which you use to view what the truth is of things. A view askew that didn't manifest from you, yes indeed.  These are conspiracy tard societal rejects that your can dismiss and derogatorily abuse with mockery and fallacious ad hominem attacks without recompense. 

And that's my two cents. If I had 10 cents per brainwashed sheep, I'd probably sell out for sure and abandon my beliefs and claim it was all on the up and up and just me ajusting my thinking. Joe Rogan lived that statement and we spotted it quick, like the fake moon landing.