Friday, May 21, 2021

"Pyramid UFO" - NEW FOOTAGE. It's Just Bokeh, not a Pyramid - Mick West may have a point with the camera being out of focus, but...

Editor's Note: As I noted the other day, it's not always the lack of a good specific "debunking" argument being made, but rather the info being omitted, which provides a larger context to the incident. Never mind, the larger context of the phenomenon as a whole and the voluminous evidence that comes with it. It bears constant repeating, that statistically speaking, "debunkers" are almost certainly wrong. It only takes 1 real one for the issue to be equally as real. It's funny how many of Mick's sycophant's think the US Gov is faking UFO evidence to gain funding for the Space Force. Umm... Well, guys and gals, that's a so-called "crazy conspiracy theory" that you all despise so much.

West may have a point with the camera being out of focus. That doesn't explain what was going on according the information available. They did a FOIA request to get deck logs from the navy destroyers and emails from the resulting investigation. 

Remove the debate from the triangle lens completely, the report still mentions that these things, whatever they were, triangle or not, stayed 700 ft above the ship for 12 hours at a time, regular drones cannot do that (as far as we know) and it's not an airliner because there are what? 5 or 6 objects in the sky at one time? And it kept happening for about 4 days, correct me if I'm wrong but even if it's not triangle shaped it's still pretty damn compelling.

If its just a balloon, or a bokeh, why didnt Susan Gough with DOD just simply so? These images are over a year old and included in the "examinations" per Susan. It would have so easy and would shutdown discussion if Susan said...bokeh! And balloon! It would shut the public up and would not have tipped anything off to china or russia. Also, kinda makes the Navy look dumb if their pilots cant tell the difference between a balloon. Or they can't determine a bokeh from an actual UAP? With their billions of dollars of radar and tracking equipment?? As CIA spook Ratcliffe said.....many of these sigbtings are confirmed by other sources of data and tracking devices. The pyramid was not only picked up by a sailors nightvision goggles...but we dont get to see THAT evidence.

Da Frick
Very good explanation but the part at 2:25 where one triangular shape, passes above the other triangle, what do you reckon that is?