Thursday, July 30, 2020

Trump Supporters Agree Trump DEAD WRONG on 5g!

President Trump: 5G is a race we will win

The top video regarding Trump and 5g is awash in disapproval with far more downvotes than thumbs up. The people know the same thing that 26,000 SCIENTISTS AND 10,000 PEER-REVIEWED STUDIES demonstrate. That 5g is not safe! Here's a sample of the comments starting from the top...

Anonymous Geordie Anonymous Geordie 1 year ago 5G is the weapon used for agenda 21 Agenda 21 DEPOPULATION 166 Truth Teller Truth Teller 1 second ago 67000 2000 67000 2000 4 months ago 5g is a killer that's wat killing the thw world not corvid 19 this is a cover up wuhan ppl died of 5g radation wake up 66 Electricshadowstar 111 Electricshadowstar 111 1 year ago 5G outweighs the dangers of tobacco and asbestos - Claire Edwards United Nations staff member..5G is a war on Humanity - Claire Edwards UN staff. 69 Jacob Black Jacob Black 1 year ago No we dont need 5G and the possible cancer risk it may have look it up! I am ok wilth just 4G. 48 p j p j 4 months ago 5 G IS DANGEROUS! PLEASE PRES. TRUMP NO 5 G! 17 Anna Anna Anna Anna 5 months ago 5G is going to depopulate the world! It's a weapon! Don't you care about that Mr Trump! 36 TheUFOnetwork TheUFOnetwork 1 year ago 5g will cause huge spikes in cancer incidence. 59 Djeezi Djeezi 1 year ago Please people educatie yourself on the dangers of 5g. You and your children lives are at risk. 75 Alan Ashwood Alan Ashwood 1 year ago Who the hell advised him? 5G KILLS! 113 Rex Colubra Rex Colubra 1 year ago Look up “silent weapons for a quiet war” that should give you everything you need to know 69 MK-ULTRA is now wireless. MK-ULTRA is now wireless. 11 months ago Don't be a leader in electromagnetic pollution and NSA Wi-Fi radar.. Be a leader in human rights and quality of life. 23 SingleMomExec Monica SingleMomExec Monica 3 months ago I am disappointed that you are not investing this 5g dangers. 9 easy snipe easy snipe 10 months ago Naw 4g is fine no need for 5g this is ridiculous 27 chamois posso chamois posso 4 months ago 5G when tested birds fell dead from the sky. This is the wrong race to win M.President. It penetrates our bodies. Do not do it. 21 nicole crystal nicole crystal 1 year ago stop trying to make it sound like its something good look it up and protest it 27 Savage Reality Savage Reality 1 year ago We got to do it..they said we have to do it. It's a national security issue! Wake up people this man is a puppet. 34 Heidelinde Holtzhausen Heidelinde Holtzhausen 3 months ago (edited) No man, I am disappointed that everyone makes 5G so important. I don't know why you want to be the leader in this. Where is the peer reviewed health effects of 5G? Prove to me that it is not a threat then I will trust it. 13 Pretty Kala Pretty Kala 3 months ago It’s crazy how I only see T mobile talking about 5G I think that everyone with T-Mobile should cut there phone line 5 Judy Kieffer Judy Kieffer 1 year ago Why are we letting 5G in our life ? It's not considered safe. 31 natureboy tom natureboy tom 3 months ago These TOWERS HAVE GOT TO GO. PEOPLE NEED TO STAND STRONG ON THIS> 4 Daniel James Kratky Daniel James Kratky 1 year ago Yeah good one, let's lead the world by cancerifying our populations. I like you Mr. Trump but you are wrong about this. 8 Islam Muhammad Islam Muhammad 4 months ago Coronavirus!!! 17 North Whitakers North Whitakers 1 year ago Scientists have researched the negative health effects on animals, humans and plants. Why are we doing this to our population? 😢 14 d0fabur5st d0fabur5st 1 year ago Now we know that when he said that the us will “win the 5g war” he didn’t mean that the us will compete and develop better products, he means that he’s gonna ban competitors from us markets... 28 sergeo male sergeo male 3 months ago Also leading in the number of covid 19 cases 😂 “you welcome,” 5g. 2 Johnny Walker Johnny Walker 1 year ago How are we going to win if china is cheaper and faster stop BSIng 24 Genadijus Puskinas Genadijus Puskinas 1 year ago He just continuing obama's work, he just calms us down to make sure he have enough time to install 5G for national securitie, meaning riot control ... 7 Motorheads Motorheads 1 year ago Village People Reunion? 14 Zeek M Zeek M 6 months ago (edited) Mr. President , I can not comply with your 5G request. On the grounds that I believe it is a threat to my life and the lives of others. If people start dying because of 5G , You could be charged with first degree murder. Please heed my warning. 4 DARK ENERGY DARK ENERGY 1 year ago China is far ahead of you, will develop faster than the US. 38 Daily Data Daily Data 1 year ago USA #1 fake 5G 38 Cynthia Cui Cynthia Cui 1 year ago Ooooops, China already out compete US this time... this speech just sounds so pathetic to me 👎🏻 4 Candy Apple Candy Apple 6 months ago He's a smart man but is completely ignorant about 5G and what a disaster it will be for the inhabitants on this planet :( 4 AnnieO100 AnnieO100 4 months ago Hurry Jesus. The saints are worn out. 6 Christopher Young Christopher Young 3 months ago Amen. We need Jesus to literally come get us and take us straight to Heaven right now. Im scared 3 The OV Skywatcher The OV Skywatcher 9 months ago 5g is for the serious spiritual war that we can't see. The frequencies from 5g will prevent humans from ascending to our full conciousness. The Ascension should have happens but there is a huge war. The evil ones want to give us a fake Ascension to continue to feed off of our energy 6 nicole crystal nicole crystal 1 year ago (edited) I wanted to believe he was good 7 PapiSantoes S PapiSantoes S 3 months ago (edited) With speeds of up to 100 gigabits per second, 5G is set to be as much as 100 times faster than 4G. We going to drop like flies! 2 03071976 03071976 6 months ago us want to win everything in this surface of this world..... 3 Pukes Pukes 1 year ago Trump banned Huawei barring them from "winning" the 5g race. The whole world will witness this and back Huawei. The U.S empire is dying. 20 Alert Yoazz Alert Yoazz 3 months ago We do not agree with 5g without knowing the impact it has on us . 2 The Phoenix The Phoenix 3 months ago 5G is a dangerous weapons system! This is wrong. 2 foot ball foot ball 1 year ago US can never win 5G race fair and square ..Maybe they have the technology now because the Huawei CFO Meng was in their hand so they force them to transfer the technology before releasing her.... 9 chow jay chow jay 1 year ago Any country ahead of US is now classified as enemy.The colours are showing. So much for democracy and western mores. 26 The Ark-vist The Ark-vist 3 months ago & here we go folks!!! watch out for the real Gepeto-Bill Gates ...vaccine pusher NWO 3 口述非洲 口述非洲 1 year ago Yes. You will win. You already sent your dog Canada bat the Chinese technology giant Huawei to arrest the CFO Mrs Meng. 7 Aurora Taylor Ayurveda Aurora Taylor Ayurveda 1 year ago Hundreds of scientist around the world are calling for an immediate halt to 5G. They warn of 24/7 involuntary, high dose, cumulative radiation exposure causing damage to DNA, heart, eyes, brain and immune system. It could have devastating impacts on infants and small children, whose bodies are most vulnerable to radiation, as well as plants, animals, bees, and wildlife. The frequencies of 5G cannot travel well through solid objects - such as trees. The explosion of 5g towers will result in mature trees will be cut down in urban areas. THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION - NOT A RACE - This is the ego speaking. It's not about WINNING... it's about living. We must wake up to how this will effect our Mother Earth - the connection from our planet, the elements, the animals, and each other has been drastically blocked by distractions... I feel hope in the wave of spirituality that is connecting us back to our roots, our power and our connection. Though this type of technology seems to be taking us further into disconnection and the illusion of false connection. We need to keep our frequency as healthy as possible - turn off your wifi at night while you sleep, use your cellphone on speaker, turn off your bluetooth, take more time in nature than on your devices. Meditate, clear your auric field, be active... keep your frequency STRONG. Educate yourself, form your own opinion and take action that feels in alignment for you. Don't follow - Feel into yourself. Do your own research. and most importantly.. connect to your inner power and the wisdom that is already streaming through our human connection with this Earth and Source. 14 333grace 333grace 1 year ago It is killing us. God sees and will recompense the helpless. This will come back on you by His hand. 4 jesu kristi jesu kristi 1 year ago WHY IS PEOPLE SO OBSESSED ABOUT 5G THE GOVERNMENT WILL USE IT TO TRACK DOWN EVERYONE AND IT WILL INVADE PEOPLE PRIVACY 4 Alvin Duan Alvin Duan 1 year ago let me tell you a JOKE, The United States is Fair, Democratic and Free. LOL... 21 I love Jesus and president trump I love Jesus and president trump 5 months ago I LOVE MY PRESIDENT BUT I DO NOT AGREE WITH HIM ON THIS 16 777Jesuswins 777Jesuswins 6 months ago Please say no to 5G Donald Trump. America loves you. Why will you kill us with 5G? 4 Marvin Salazar Marvin Salazar 3 months ago You should race to win your life with Jesús ! 2 David Heller David Heller 1 year ago You make the robots 🤖happy! 6 Vfopie jcod Vfopie jcod 1 year ago RIP USA. 4 Josué Escalante Josué Escalante 2 months ago I hope soon he change his position, As he did with WHO it’s all about time when he realizes about the dangers of this technology Shel F Shel F 6 months ago Say NO to 5G #No5G 6 Djer 1108 Djer 1108 6 months ago not a word about public health & enviroment safety... what a disgrace! 2 WorldWatchdogNews USA WorldWatchdogNews USA 11 months ago (edited) Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaah! I just sent this link to my grandmother. "See nana! Don't feel bad you are not the only one who doesn't know what 5g is" 1 leone rogerio leone rogerio 1 year ago Yeah but is it true everything they are saying about radiation ? And killing animals and hurting babies ? 6 WilMar WilMar 1 year ago 5Ge 3 Primary Procyon Primary Procyon 1 year ago See on YouTube: Stop Everything You’re Doing, You Might Wanna Watch This Video Right Away…! Ellen Kno Ellen Kno 3 months ago (edited) "And then they'll want 6G and we'll just fry all you ^$^%*&%$#@!&^%" *laughs Pretty Kala Pretty Kala 3 months ago If we start dying from 5 G I want to see what the government is gonna do 2 J S J S 1 year ago first! Yien Yao Yien Yao 1 year ago Trump, you are the world enermy. 4 Mixel Plick Mixel Plick 1 year ago Is Donny Mushroom Cap battling Stage 4 Windmill Sound Cancer? 3 The Barber The Barber 3 months ago the race we need is the race for salvation for Jesus 1 GoldenKimchee GoldenKimchee 1 week ago 5g will also connect with the nanomachines in the upcoming vaccine. Its all info online. Scary Rej Rej 1 year ago look like African countries will have the 5 G network at lease 5 years before America ..... 1 Big BoomTv Big BoomTv 1 year ago Do y'all know how fast days will go with all this technology look how it's already April 1