Monday, February 10, 2020

Flat Earther claims Israeli military officer read plans for 9/11 inside job 30 years prior!

Editor's Note: Flat Earth is disinfo inho.

What is the reaction of flat Earthers to the documentary "Behind the Curve"?
I watched it and found it mildly amusing, but mostly harmless.

Nice promotion for Mark Sargent actually, who I’ve been sitting on the fence about all along, as many of my fellow Flat-Earthers have been quick to label him as a shill or controlled opposition, whereas I’ve found in the early days a lot of very useful information from him, and many of his interviews very-much pointing towards an indisputable Planar Earth. So I couldn’t quite agree with those judgemental types myself.

After watching Behind The Curve, I developed my own theories about him. He may or may not be genuine, he may or may not be original with his research, but he at least appears to believe he is. His isolation of growing up on an island, being a professional gamer, and being a conspiracy theorist, may have made him an easy target to either be brainwashed subliminally to come forward with this information, or he is aware of his role of being controlled release and doing his job accordingly.

Now hear me out. Let’s say NASA and other control agencies are aware that their gig is up, and people are waking up to the reality of Earth being stationary and planar in nature (the higher hills, mountains, cliffs, valleys, planes etc, above water-level), thanks to a few early pioneers finding a following, such as Eric Dubay and Math Powerland, a supposed ex-NASA artist who used to make paintings for them.

So in order to save face in some manner, they have to gently make the public aware of this truth, but they can’t just come right out and say it. There would be absolute public outrage! So it has to happen slowly, where those who catch on first are still ridiculed heavily by the vast majority, until bit by bit more and more become aware of this greatest deception in known human history (there are many more coming to light now, with Tartaria and mud-floods now becoming the latest great awakening about our true history).

So by employing someone like Mark, they have an independent whistle-blower who they can release info slowly too, without themselves being seen responsible for the deception. Heads would role and great law-suits would erupt, as the entire nation discovers all at once the moon-landings are a hoax, all of space-research is a lie, and that NASA has been stealing trillions of tax-payer dollars that could have been better spent of public infrastructure and housing assistance for the homeless, for example.

But when the truth trickles out bit by bit, the overall effect is that those in the know simply get the satisfaction of saying, “I told you so all along” while the masses are still in so much shock, there will still always be a good percentage who simply refuse to believe it, despite the evidence. Much like 911. I KNEW within just 3 days it was an inside job, and when an ex-Israeli air-force officer contacted me a year or so afterwards, because I came to his attention by getting letters about chemtrails published in the local paper, he confirmed what I already knew. Further, he thought he was going to shock me with the news at first, but when I told him I already knew that, he then confided that he read the plans for it an entire 30 years earlier when the buildings were first being built for that very purpose. Such things are always planned well in advance, as part of long-term goals of complete and utter take-over and destruction of this entire realm.

But I digress. Back to the movie again, there was one major flaw not taken into consideration with the final experiment that left Jeran saying “interesting” after the experiment failed to meet expectations. And that is precisely the same misunderstanding that led people to believe in the globe in the first place: distance diminution.

Parallel lines always appear to sink downwards over distance, so an object the same height at a vast distance away, will in fact appear to be much lower, which creates the illusion of curvature. The laser-beam does not take this into account, so naturally if it shines through a hole of one height nearby, the similar same-height hole at a vast distance away must by default appear much lower than the laser, because the laser doesn’t bend to conform with perspective and distance diminution… so the person unable to comprehend that, will assume it was curvature causing it to appear much higher in the distance.

To over come this, you would need to use a physical string that could be stretched tight enough to remain perfectly level, and by measuring the height of the string all the way until the second and third holes, you will find it remains constantly the same height above the water level the entire time. Since this would give the same result IF the Earth were also curving, it’s an inconclusive experiment to even bother with in the first place.

So all in all, I think the movie is doing some good, and least allowing people to take the concept of living on a stationary plane far more seriously, and perhaps at least open their minds to investigating it. It shows that we’re just normal people, asking intelligent questions, and seeing results that don’t comport with the model we were taught in school.

ADDENDUM. This is a copy/paste of an answer I wrote earlier this morning, with regards to best proof for Flat Earth:

Well for a start, you don’t look at the lights in the ceiling to determine the shape of the floor. That’s about as sensible as looking at the billiard balls to determine the shape of the table.

The three greatest proofs are the absolute lack of any detectable motion, the fact that water always seeks and finds its level and conforms to the shape of its container, and the pressurised atmosphere quite simply cannot be “contained” by a vacuum, particularly not if all the crazy impossible speeds attributed to the globe model are in fact real.

Let’s examine these ridiculous rates of motion attributed to the Heliocentric space-rock model. First of all, it is assumed that with a 25,000 mile circumference, the ball must be spinning at 1040 MPH in order for the sun to appear overhead at 12pm each day. In order to go around a sun 93 million miles away once per year, it goes about 1.6 million miles per day, at a rate of some 66,600 miles per hour. And even more, they assert that the sun itself is moving through the galaxy at over HALF A MILLION MILES AN HOUR!!! 514,000 MPH to be precise.

So now we have a major problem. The moon goes around the Earth some 2080 MPH, BACKWARDS no less, as it free-falls around us, sometimes ahead of our orbital motion, sometimes behind, yet it is said that magical gravity keeps it in orbit, by attraction of mass, but what is repelling it as we’re in motion towards it? Further, what accelerative forces are applied that keep it catching back up from behind, and keeps up with the incredible speeds of the sun? Anybody who can think logically must see the contradictions and impossibilities that alone totally debunk the spinning space-rock model.

Next we consider that water always seeks and finds its level. Some will argue that flat and level are not synonymous, but then they’ll use a poor example such a shelf that is not level, but it is still flat. However, the sensible person understands that you use a water or spirit-level in order to correct that minor mistake of poor building standards.

The only time we see water curving is in tiny droplets where surface tension causes it to form into dew-drops or similar. When the gather together they pool and spread out, flow until contained, and conform to the shape of the container. With the known dimensions of our Earth being 71% water, that makes it extraordinarily flat in most places, which in order to complete the circle, continents must be literally making a cube! Ridiculous in the extreme! Obviously, the land-masses are all those places which are demonstrably and measurably that which above sea-level.

A gas bottle is a good example of a pressurised container. When half-empty, you can hear and feel the liquid sloshing around inside of it. When the valve is released, the contents immediately begin to equalise with the lesser pressure outside of the bottle. No liquid ever escapes, yet as gas is released, the liquid level goes down. Therefore we can conclude that gas, when compressed sufficiently, becomes a liquid.

So on Earth, we can also deduce that water is just pressurised air, under sufficient pressure that it constantly cycles between water and gas, but with enough air-pressure to contain a constant amount of liquid water. If it were an unsealed environment contained by nothing but a vacuum, the gas would take the path of least resistance to equalise with the surroundings, and instantly dissipate into the vacuum or void of space. Following that, the water would likewise simply evaporate as the liquid in the gas bottle did upon releasing the gas.

Therefore, we can safely conclude, that Earth is not at all what the Heliocentrists insist it is. It is the least scientific conclusion one could ever possibly reach, with just the least amount of critical thought on just a few basic facts of physics. All other things can be explained also, by understanding we live on a stationary planar realm at the bottom of the known universe, where everything finds its place according to the observable laws of density and buoyancy, where everything is seen within the range determined by viewing height following obvious laws of perspective where everything converges to the centre-point created by the eye-level.

To believe you live on a spinning space-rock hurtling through space, is just sheer insanity. Once you go flat, you never go back.