Thursday, September 26, 2019

CIA commits 100,000 serious crimes each year according to the book 50 things you've not supposed to know, the Ukraine "whistleblower" is CIA, you don't say, old habits die hard

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CLOWNWORLD: "Ukraine Call Whistleblower" Was C.I.A. Officer!
SEPTEMBER 26, 2019
Chances of the Storm intensify!
Chances of the Storm intensify!
In a weird development already being reverse gaslit by the “mainstream” press, it turns out the Ukraine call whistleblower who wrote a complaint letter to Representative Adam Schiff & the Intelligence Committee is — incredibly — a C.I.A. officer who was “detailed” to the White House.
To everyday Americans and observers around the world at this moment, it may appear that the deepstate is trying to take down a President, three years into his term — after all, an entrenched and embedded C.I.A. officer is the whistleblower, oh okay!
That’s not biased at all to have C.I.A. men snooping on the President’s official calls and then ratting them out to the ultra-anti-Trump Schiff.
Clownworld, folks!
Satanic pedovore clownworld. Adrenochrome. C.I.A. employees trying to get a President impeached on a total nothingburger. We are the real news — these folks at NY Times and are something else altogether! They’re too much! MSN wrote in their frontpage story today, “The whistle-blower’s expertise will likely add to lawmakers’ confidence about the merits of his complaint, and tamp down allegations that he might have misunderstood what he learned about Mr. Trump.”
LOL. A deepstate C.I.A. man ratting out the President to Adam Schiff has the “expertise” needed to draw an unbiased conclusion! Oh okay.
"The Transcript" Is A Nothingburger Globos Are Trying To Gaslight Into Impeachable Offense
SEPTEMBER 25, 2019
Are duly elected Presidents allowed to hold polite phone conversations, with other elected leaders, in an official capacity, to make sure that corruption is kept at bay?
If we don’t allow this, why have leaders at all? They’ve set the limbo bar so impossibly low, that no one will be allowed to get through. The press has become predatory, and that’s not their role. Congress has become predatory, too—these nearly lifelong public power addicts, which is not the role the founding fathers laid out for these representatives in Washington.
The angry operatives who pretend to be journalists — you know, the only ones they allow on TV most of the time, the only ones they give blue checkmarks to on Twitter — these sad sacks of post-modern globo soy, who put a paycheck or total occult weirdness ahead of the USA, have turned a benign exchange between two world leaders into something malicious.
The only malicious exchange of words are the militarized scribes in the press, who answer to old Soros, the Clintons’ other wealthy internationalist backers, and the increasingly authoritarian Democratic Party.
SHARE so everyone sees the real document (below), instead of only MSM summaries of “intent.” They are gaslighting hard, it seems.
Normal elected leader to elected leader talk is now suddenly forbidden, according to random triggered pundits in the globalist media.
Normal elected leader to elected leader talk is now suddenly forbidden, according to random triggered pundits in the globalist media.
Lighting the Way & Crypto Consulting
SEPTEMBER 25, 2019
Lighting The Way   was ahead of its time; many of the trends happening now in populist politics and cryptocurrency, we saw a year ago.
Lighting The Way was ahead of its time; many of the trends happening now in populist politics and cryptocurrency, we saw a year ago.
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WATCH: Trump Just Destroyed 'Globalism' In U.N. Speech
SEPTEMBER 24, 2019
President Trump made populist, anti-globalist remarks at the U.N.
President Trump made populist, anti-globalist remarks at the U.N.
President Trump at the U.N., instantly outshining climate change activist Greta Thunberg, remarked: “The future does not belong to globalists. The future belongs to patriots.”
Watch the whole speech from Pres. Trump at the U.N. below, directly from the Team Trump account on Twitter—
Team Trump

"The future does not belong to globalists. The future belongs to patriots." - President @realDonaldTrump
Embedded video
10:22 AM - Sep 24, 2019
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Coin Consulting with David
SEPTEMBER 23, 2019
From date of purchase, you are entitled to receive 6 months of support as needed, limited to two Skype calls 30 min. max each and up to 12 email sessions.
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*Not to be construed as financial advice of any kind — this is technical consulting and tech advice as needed, for our most crypto-curious readers. No warranties or guarantees provided.
FULCRUM Takes Greta "Earth Is Frying" Thunberg To Task
SEPTEMBER 23, 2019
We can’t trust Thunberg, researchers warn.
We can’t trust Thunberg, researchers warn.
Greta Thunberg, Al Gore in 16 year old Swedish girl disguise, essentially, is the latest far left activist posing as an authority and moral figure. Rather than face any kind of scrutiny, this teen is paraded in front of the world by the media as an authority figure on planetary climate science.
Watch today’s show on her bizarre, emotional UN monologue:
Other topics, including the Bitcoin futures market launch which occurred today, are also discussed! Enjoy and thank you all for sharing our content so widely on Facebook and Twitter! It is appreciated by Team FULCRUM.
FULCRUM WEEKEND: Ed Buck's Power Saw, Podesta's Epstein Problem, And Crypto Rallies
SEPTEMBER 21, 2019
Hillary Clinton photographed with wealthy “mega-donor” Ed Buck.
Hillary Clinton photographed with wealthy “mega-donor” Ed Buck.
At day’s end, we were right about it all — Ed Buck, the creepy Democratic mega-donor with a powersaw and other dark accoutrements found in his West Hollywood apartment… black men were ending up dead at Buck’s apartment, of drug overdoses every time, and authorities finally stepped in after the third OD.
A close friend of Hillary Clinton and John Podesta, Buck is cut from the same cloth as many other degenerates with money in the Democratic Party.
Jeffrey Epstein, another famous degenerate Clinton family friend, was arrested earlier this year — and then died of highly questionable circumstances, when he was found in his jail cell of a shattered neck — as if his vertebrae were fragile peanut brittle falling on a sidewalk.
Close friends of Epstein’s, aside from the Clintons, also included Google co-founder Sergey Brin, who celebrated with Epstein years after he served a prison sentence for soliciting sex from a child.
Is this why FULCRUM News and our founder have been so poorly treated by Google Search, and YouTube (which Google owns)?
It matters not—if nothing worthwhile comes easy, as they say, then FULCRUM’s growth in readership over the last nearly 3 years has been hard won. We have a large audience in spite of Big Tech, not thanks to Big Tech. And in our other fields of research, including cryptocurrencies, we stand massively vindicated. Bitcoin, and its biggest competitor Ethereum, did not fade away into the background after President Trump tweeted critically about cryptocurrency earlier this year.
Instead, cryptos have gradually roared back to life, with Bitcoin back above US $10,000 and Ether back over $210. The launch of the much awaited Bakkt futures for Bitcoin is now reportedly just days away, after months of waiting and regulatory hurdles. And BitPay, a leading merchant processor for Bitcoin that has clients including a major gold/silver web site and well-known airline travel web sites, has announced it will “soon” accept Ether as well, rather than only Bitcoin. Big news all around. (If you enjoy our crypto coverage and political research, get the newsletter as thousands of FULCRUM readers already do. Next issue out on Thursday! No one ties it all together quite like we do.)
And of course, John Podesta hasn’t slipped away just yet. His direct ties to Jeffrey Epstein and the Island could prove quite troubling for the Democratic lobbyist—
Continue Reading: EXPOSED: Direct Link Between James Alefantis, John Podesta, and Jeffrey Epstein's Island
Bitcoin And Ethereum Market Update! Bulls Back In Town?
SEPTEMBER 20, 2019
Aside from the election of Donald J. Trump back in 2016, few things have remained a focus of as much controversy — and debate — as the cryptocurrency world.
Bitcoin back above US $10,000 on major exchanges, and Ether above $210.
Bitcoin back above US $10,000 on major exchanges, and Ether above $210.
Some on the Internet love it, some hate it, some see it as a cure to all of the world's problems... others see it as a quick profit opportunity.
Whatever you think of it, we are more than a DECADE out from the moment when Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto launched the first version of Bitcoin's software, back in January 2009 to limited attention and praise at the time.
It hasn't gone away.
The central banks and many governments have sounded off on their views of this new asset class, yet it has not gone away, and it is not likely to at this point.
Big financial institutions including E*Trade and Fidelity have begun building storage, or custodial, services for the users of the leading cryptos, which include Bitcoin and Ether at the moment.
Bitcoin, the first crypto, has a simple economic schedule: coins are produced or "mined" throughout time by a mining network of participating computers. Mining gets more difficult over time, and the supply of new coins produced as a mining reward is cut in half approximately every 4 years, making supply scarce over time. The number of total coins in the Bitcoin network is capped at an eventual 21 million, and at that point, no new coins will be created. Instead, it is presumed that a market will form around the circulating coins available at that point in time, but we are still many years away from that date.
To receive, send, or store Bitcoins for the long term, you don't need a bank account. Numerous free wallet apps exist for Samsung and Apple smartphones, making daily purchases a breeze. The Flexa app, for example, even lets cryptocurrency users spend their Bitcoin or Ether at leading US merchants including Whole Foods, Petco, and Starbucks, to name a few big names participating in the Flexa project. The process of paying with crypto is almost identical to using Google Pay or Apple Pay, as it uses the same contactless technology on your iPhone or Samsung phone.
Sending and receiving Ether is very similar to the Bitcoin experience, except that more Ether exist in the world today, and currently the supply of Ether is not capped - although it is mined over time by computers, in a competitive process similar in many ways to Bitcoin's simpler mining routine.
With Ether, it is a P2P money like Bitcoin, but also the "fuel" for hundreds of decentralized apps or "dApps" as they're called, which run without censorship or interference on Ethereum's blockchain. Messing with them or knocking them offline is essentially impossible without taking on Ethereum's blockchain itself, which is secured by many millions of dollars in specialized mining hardware.
Some of these dApps include Livepeer, a decentralized video livestreaming encoding and hosting service, Cent, a blog publishing network on the blockchain similar to Medium, and NEXO, an "automated" bank-like lender that takes in your crypto deposit and immediately (or within minutes) issues you a credit line in your local fiat currency (US dollars or euros, for example) dependent on the amount of cryptocurrency you deposit. Very cool innovations, running 24/7 without any strong possibility of being knocked offline.
Both Ether and Bitcoin are talked about frequently in the weekly research newsletter, which you can sign up for at
Everyone is entitled to their opinion, yet this is the future, and those who can't see it will become the new servant class sooner than any of us can accept, I'm afraid. These dApps and monetary networks are here to stay, it appears.
The Ethereum World Computer explained in 1 min., 28 seconds:
“Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, fraud or third party interference. Ethereum is how the Internet was supposed to work: it's a censorship-proof planetary scale computer, where users always stay in control of their funds and personal data.”
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Not financial advice — at time of publication, writer of this post may hold a position in some or all currencies and assets discussed.
Hillary Megadonor Ed Buck Arrest Is Big News - Updates from David
SEPTEMBER 18, 2019
Updates on the Ed Buck arrest, and BitPay adding Ethereum support in the coming weeks. Get David’s newsletter here.
Watch on Facebook:
Or watch the backup on blockchain-based video platform DLIVE.
BIG ARREST: Hillary Mega-Donor Ed Buck Hauled In For Running Filthy "Drug Den"
SEPTEMBER 18, 2019
Ed Buck, arrested after the third man died in his apartment of an apparent drug overdose, is also  accused  of human trafficking and revenge porn.
Ed Buck, arrested after the third man died in his apartment of an apparent drug overdose, is also accused of human trafficking and revenge porn.
The “John Podesta of the West Coast” as some researchers have labeled him, Ed Buck is a Hollywood-based political operative and Democratic Party mega-donor, known for helping out Hillary Clinton financially in the past — and tied to Podesta, Brock, and the rest of the pack.
As FOX is reporting, “Ed Buck, a prominent Democratic Party donor, was arrested Tuesday and charged with operating a drug house after a third man reportedly suffered an overdose inside his West Hollywood home last week and survived.”
After a third man suffered an overdose in his apartment! What are the odds!
Amazing that law enforcement in California acted at all — they let him get away with this several times before doing so.
This is a high level arrest of someone close to the Clintons, and Podesta. Let us hope Buck talks to authorities and gives up some other predatory degenerates in the political class.
Speaking of which… the massage therapist who accused actor Kevin Spacey of sexual assault, leading to his rapid public downfall and the cancellation of House of Cards on Netflix, has been found dead.
And it’s only Wednesday! Be sure to get our newsletter as we have a huge research issue out from D.C. tomorrow. The research newsletter is very popular already (refer your friends and earn 30% here). In the post-Fake News age, Americans and others in the West demand real news from the centers of power.
That’s what FULCRUM provides from our perch here in Washington, D.C. — cutting edge vetted research, news, and analysis you can use.
Tomorrow’s issue will go into the Ed Buck arrest in further detail, as well as our take on the Fed cutting rates today, in a move interpreted by some as the first real sign of inflation picking up, and a bullish indicator potentially for the leading rare cryptocurrencies. —DS
We Signed Up For Apple's New Credit Card And Got Instantly Approved: Here's What It Was Like
SEPTEMBER 17, 2019
Screenshot of our newly configured Apple Card, which you can find within the Wallet App after signing up.
Screenshot of our newly configured Apple Card, which you can find within the Wallet App after signing up.
Apple recently launched their long rumored foray into mainstream fintech, the so-called Apple Card. We saw it being promoted on Twitter and decided to give it a try—to our pleasant surprise, we were instantly approved, with a fairly reasonable credit line and a slick built-in experience (for iPhone) to track purchases and pay our statements.
How do you sign up for an Apple Card, and what was the process like? You open the Wallet App on a newer iPhone, and click the “+” icon in the upper right hand corner to begin the application process. If an approval is available, you Accept the offer presented to you, and within minutes the new Apple Card is added to your Wallet.
From that point, you can begin using the new card from your phone immediately at merchants that accept Apple Pay, or you can request (free) to have a custom card sent to you in the mail as well. It is a MasterCard with your name custom engraved, in typical Apple minimalist fashion, and arrives in about 3 to 5 business days after requesting it.
Overall, FULCRUM was impressed with the speed of sign-up and integration with the iPhone’s Wallet App. This is a solid bridge to the new world of “fintech” money apps and makes the iPhone a more useful financial device when on the go, for sure, but we still wish Apple had gone pro-crypto as rival smartphone maker Samsung has… Samsung’s Galaxy S10 and all future Samsung smartphones are expected to have Samsung’s wallet app available, which allows users to store Bitcoin and Ether on their smartphones.
In the meantime, the Apple Card is a good example of how consumers can move away from traditional banks, and instead get many of the same—or similar—financial products from Big Tech instead.
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SEPTEMBER 16, 2019
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Truthful and always fair, be sure to spread the word about our sourced coverage before 2020. Don’t tolerate Fake News—be part of the Return of Real News with FULCRUM News!
VIRAL: Joe Biden's Painful "Corn Pop" Gaffe Makes No Sense
SEPTEMBER 15, 2019
Joe Biden reminisces about his mythical adversary, "Corn Pop."
Joe Biden reminisces about his mythical adversary, "Corn Pop."
What even is this, folks? And at what point do we very politely stop calling these “gaffes,” and start calling them what they are—signs Joe Biden is not mentally viable as a Presidential candidate for 2020, regardless of your politics, this does not instill confidence. It’s sad—is this a stream of consciousness poem or something from Creepy Joe, I mean, truly…
Here’s the clip of the bizarre ramble from 2020’s presumed Democratic frontrunner:
ALX 
Joe Biden tells a weird story about how he kicked a guy named “Corn Pop” out of the pool and later had to face him along with a bunch of “bad boys” with straight razors.
Embedded video
8:33 AM - Sep 15, 2019
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And this weekend’s updates from the nation’s capitol, in a short video from David. Still a strong likelihood of Andrew McCabe being indicted, watch here—
'They Know It's Coming' - DC Insiders Shaken By McCabe Indictment Chatter
SEPTEMBER 14, 2019
We discussed the likely imminent indictment of former FBI man Andrew McCabe, who was allegedly at the heart of biased anti-Trump efforts within the bureau. Watch yesterday’s live FULCRUM show from D.C. with David:
And be sure to get the newsletter for the latest from David & the team throughout the week.
As the indictments begin, you’ll want real news from those with valid connections on the ground here in Washington, instead of hopeporn foreplay. Only the facts here at FULCRUM, and things don’t sound good for McCabe or his associates!
For those keeping score at home:
Those who have gone down—
1) Jeffrey Epstein (his peanut butter brittle neck shattered while in jail awaiting trial).
2) Keith Raniere and Allison Mack’s sex ring.
3) The Bronfmans.
Those who have not gone down—
Shocking 'Totalitarian' Overreach of Google Algorithms, Insider Claims
SEPTEMBER 13, 2019
Political censorship within Google, governed by algorithm? Actually happening, says a new high ranking insider, and far worse than many could imagine.
Google under fresh scrutiny.
Google under fresh scrutiny.
Sara A. Carter, an independent journalist who has been retweeted by President Trump in the past year, is claiming the Google insider also turned over about 950 pages of evidence to anti-trust authorities, and a laptop, containing documents which purportedly detail how Google is using algorithms to secretly “hide its political bias within artificial intelligence platforms – in effect targeting particular words, phrases and contexts to promote, alter, reference or manipulate perceptions of Internet content,” according to Carter’s exclusive.
One famous possible example of the political bias through AI-run algorithm was the weird memoryholing of “Clinton body count” content on Google search and YouTube results. (Google owns YouTube.)
At the height of the controversy, Google was alleged to have disallowed the phrase from auto-populating in a search query for the Clinton body count, and YouTube results were, it is alleged, manually rank-edited so that videos in favor of the theory were not easy to access.
This new Google insider also reportedly met with James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, interviewed in silhouette to protect his identity.
Continue reading: Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin Visited Epstein AFTER First Conviction; Is This Why YouTube Censors #Pedogate?
Pet Focused CBD Taking Off, As Positive Anecdotes Grow
SEPTEMBER 11, 2019
We’re hearing a range of positive feedback from FULCRUM readers on the pet CBD tincture, the final batch of which is now in stock and on sale.
You can also read our recent piece on the potential promise of CBD for human use, which became legal with the passage of the USA farm bill in 2017. Something similar happened in parts of Europe over the last several years — and while in Italy last month on vacation, I tested out some of the country’s highest grade CBD products, with surprising results. Based on the strong results I received, and positive early feedback & sales of the pet tincture, we plan to expand with a human-focused tincture sometime soon, hopefully by early Spring.
*Please note that these tinctures are only available for sale to USA addresses.
Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin Visited Epstein AFTER First Conviction; Is This Why YouTube Censors #Pedogate?
SEPTEMBER 11, 2019
Wow. Google co-founder Sergey Brin, according to Yahoo! News and others, “attended an elite private dinner with Jeffrey Epstein just 2 years after he served a prison sentence for soliciting sex from a 14-year-old girl.”
Nice guy, this Google co-founder—what exactly did he learn from hanging out with a convicted pedophile and serial molester of children as young as 12 years old, and some researchers say Epstein was working to “procure” children as young as eight years old for sexual abuse.
Again, what business did tech executive Sergey Brin have in the company of a convicted pedophile and child trafficker? What insights or business perspective could Brin have possibly gleaned from the serial child trafficker?
Sergey Brin, Google co-founder and close friend to deceased billionaire child molester Jeffrey Epstein.
Sergey Brin, Google co-founder and close friend to deceased billionaire child molester Jeffrey Epstein.
I guess these tech “elites” aren’t like the rest of us in America at all—Brin’s company has shit all over the sacred First Amendment, which many Americans have died in battle to protect, and they’ve done it repeatedly, knowingly, and at scale.
Google-owned YouTube is a censored platform. Google search results and Google News are also censored platforms.
It appears every single major YouTube channel covering Jeffrey Epstein, John Podesta, and the Clintons—including our impeccably well-behaved FULCRUM News channel—was wiped from existence.
My life’s work in video journalism, more than 500 videos and unique interviews, was wiped and replaced with a page not found error message by YouTube. I’m applying for regular work to make ends meet, but my life will never be the same: I built up an audience, then it was wiped away without any court order or prior warning. That means the American dream is dead.
Why work to build it and get there for yourself, when once you get there a guy like Sergey Brin who supported convicted pedophile Epstein will just pull the plug?
There’s a big problem in America today, and it’s these folks at Google.
No other social media platform has punished Pedogate truthers as Google and YouTube have. Our Facebook and Twitter presences as a news company, for example, are still roaring—with 11,100 committed followers on our lively Facebook Page, and millions of views each month across our Twitter and Periscope feeds.
Why is Google more triggered by John Podesta’s emails and Jeffrey Epstein’s child rape island than all the other Big Tech giants combined? (Amazon, also, has not censored FULCRUM.)
Continue Reading— EXPOSED: Direct Link Between James Alefantis, John Podesta, and Jeffrey Epstein's Island
Pedogate Reference Points: Jeffrey Epstein, the Clintons, and What We Know So Far
SEPTEMBER 11, 2019
A scandal an order of magnitude bigger than Watergate a generation ago, and it strikes at the center of both political parties, and even reaches as high as the royal family in England — with Prince Andrew having been in Epstein’s company, years after his first conviction — so it’s important not to miss any key points along the way.
Just In: Bill Gates Reportedly Was "Directed" To Make Donations At Epstein's Request
Especially as law enforcement friendly Gabe Podesta seems to not understand Pedogate, an extraordinary almost three years after his father’s disturbing WikiLeaks surfaced, he should make sure his contacts in law enforcement quiz his dad, John Podesta, on why he was using “pizza” and other terms used by child pornographers and child abusers, as veteran law enforcement sources have stated. They can also ask him why he was invited to a party where a six, nine, and eleven year old were being Ubered as “entertainment” for the attendees.
Gabe Podesta, John Podesta’s son and purported online image expert. Image taken from John Podesta’s public, confirmed Twitter account.
Gabe Podesta, John Podesta’s son and purported online image expert. Image taken from John Podesta’s public, confirmed Twitter account.
Sometimes, in society, an individual or a group of individuals will overstep the bounds in ways that boggle the imagination. The Podestas are possibly such people.
The “walnut sauce” and “walnut saucing” emails still make no sense, and John Podesta liking Italian cuisine seems like an incomplete after the fact coverup—or plausible deniability—for emails that are truly BIZARRE, at a minimum.
A bizarre hashtag used by Podesta associates on their private Instagram accounts has been used to link Podesta friend James Alefantis directly to Jeffrey Epstein and “the Island.”
Anti-Pedogate attorneys looking to stamp out what they perceive as “dangerous” conspiracy theories about their clients quietly met with the DOJ in late August, it was reported.
Hillary Tweeted About "PizzaGate" One Year BEFORE PizzaGate Broke, And Now Everyone's Freaking Out
Andrew Breitbart, Roger Stone, Alex Jones And I Were All Deplatformed Talking About The Same Man!
For Many, The CBD Is Working Wonders - Not Medical Advice!
SEPTEMBER 10, 2019
I spent most of August in Italy, and starting in 2016 the Italian government began allowing high CBD, low THC joints, flower, and tinctures to become available for sale in stores.
The low THC requirement - no joint has more than 0.5% THC, which isn't enough to get you high, unless you were to smoke 10 or 20 of them in rapid succession, which is almost impossible - means growers focus on a high cannabidiol (CBD) yield, which is known for its non-psychoactive (doesn't get you high) purported health benefits.
A year after Italy's 2016 decision, the finalized USA farm bill under Trump offered similar legality to CBD-predominant hemp strains, and high quality CBD tinctures have since become available for sale in nearly every US state and territory. Yet, real differences in quality and potency remain, and the FDA's guidelines make it hard for honest manufacturers to even claim their product does any good... yet at least it's legal to sell and ship in all 50 states, with Swamp regulatory quirks aside, that is quite the miracle in government.
Aside from D.C. itself, East Coast states including Massachusetts, Maryland, and Florida have become major consumers of CBD products.
Italy was an eye opener: since high THC stuff was impossible to come by legally, I decided to get by on only a high quality CBD tincture, and at high daily doses, I was amazed to see my underlying health conditions (which is why I became a cannabis user years ago) actually evaporated by week two... I found myself with a new problem: what to do with perfect health while walking around Rome, and no desire or need to get high. My pain and nausea were gone, and still haven't returned as I write this from D.C.
There's more to the CBD than they are letting on, which is why it was illegal for so many years - even illegal to research at universities, in effect - and it's why regulators are still squirrely about it. This puts Big Pharma out of business. It's big.
But don't take our word for it - try the CBD, no medical advice or guarantees intended! Here's how: get our final batch (most has sold out!) of pet CBD tincture; try it on your pet for a few weeks and see what happens. Then come back to FULCRUM, as we are launching a whole new line of CBD focused on humans, not dogs and cats, in October.
Our pet tincture is manufactured using the highest quality equipment and practices in sunny Colorado, USA. The products we sell are GMO-free and rigorously lab tested for potency.
Happy Pets :)
Get your Pet Tincture
Bill Gates Reportedly Was "Directed" To Make Donations At Epstein's Request; Gabe Podesta Doesn't Understand Pedogate Yet?
SEPTEMBER 10, 2019
As we and others had reported, it is already known that Bill Gates flew on convicted pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet — dubbed the Lolita Express — years after Epstein was convicted the first time around.
“Bill Gates flew with Jeffrey Epstein on the Lolita Express in 2013, with the man whose charity aims to empower young girls joining the serial pedophile four years after he left prison,” the Daily Mail succinctly put it.
But now the story gets even weirder — Business Insider and others are reporting that Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates made donations to MIT’s media lab through Jeffrey Epstein, almost as if repaying a debt of some kind or paying for… something? Emails show he was “directed” by the now deceased pedo Epstein to make a $2 million donation on or around 2014.
What sway did Epstein possibly have with one of the richest men in the world, to tell him where to make his donations?
Separately, FULCRUM Research believes Gabe Podesta — adult son of sicko John Podesta, at the center of the Podesta Emails released by WikiLeaks in late 2016 — may be directing disinformation and deplatforming attacks against researchers who have covered the Podesta Emails, which are real emails, and which demand criminal investigation.
Gabe Podesta with his father, John Podesta. Image posted publicly earlier in the year by John Podesta’s confirmed Twitter account.
Gabe Podesta with his father, John Podesta. Image posted publicly earlier in the year by John Podesta’s confirmed Twitter account.
This is unacceptable if true. Certainly, even the first half of today’s article should tell you this growing scandal is not a “child abuse hoax” — as the paid sockpuppet accounts researchers believe are linked to the Podesta family keep claiming.
The Podestas should ask their old employers, the Clintons, if this scandal is real: why was Bill Clinton a passenger on the Lolita Express, the same problematic child trafficking jet which now ensnares Bill Gates? Why was Bill Clinton a passenger on that plane 20+ times? What legitimate business does a former President have with a serial child trafficker and convicted pedophile like Epstein?
Also, in light of the direct connections researchers have made between John Podesta, his strange friend James Alefantis, and that despicable “Pedo Island” in the USVI run by Epstein — the Podestas should not be crowdstalking, deplatforming, or harassing anybody at all.
They should be asking the public for forgiveness, cooperating with authorities, and doing their best to replatform and make whole again the truthtellers they have maliciously attacked in the three years since the surprise loss of Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump.
They should be answering, in-depth, very legitimate questions the public has about the use of “walnut saucing,” “pizza,” and other strange terms found — repeatedly and in the context of being code words of some kind — in the Podesta WikiLeaks.
And then, Gabe Podesta should look his father in the eyes and ask why John Podesta — a 70 year old — was invited to a place where a six year old and her friends, aged nine and eleven, were delivered by a suspected child trafficker. To a pool, for the stated purpose of “entertainment.” (He should also ask why his father receives personal spiritcooking invitations, another curiosity from the Podesta WikiLeaks. THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK.)
This wretched person Luzzatto, described by some researchers as a “shittier version” of Epstein’s alleged accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell, was recently spotted at Martha’s Vineyard taking Instagram pics with members of the Kennedy family. What business do a family as wealthy and (once) charismatic as the Kennedys have with a monstrous suspected trafficker of the young and innocent?
Pre-Epstein’s death and all the info about Ghislaine Maxwell’s alleged child procuring activities coming out, many people didn’t believe all this stuff was possible. It has been alleged Epstein was seeking out victims as young as 8 years old, and it was reported that Clinton/Podesta pal Epstein had 12 year olds delivered as a birthday gift, and that he molested them before returning them to France.
Now that we see it’s par for the course — and that these people certainly do exist — what business do the Kennedys or the Podestas or anyone have with someone like Luzzatto? Here’s one of her emails in the WikiLeaks:
From genuine Podesta Emails — WikiLeaks  Email ID 52098
From genuine Podesta Emails — WikiLeaks Email ID 52098
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