Thursday, July 11, 2019

David Wilcock: IT BEGINS: Epstein Indicted, Black Ops Mega-Base Destroyed

IT BEGINS: Epstein Indicted, Black Ops Mega-Base Destroyed
Most Exciting News Of Our Entire Career!

Everything We Were Told is Coming True Now
IT’S TRUE: Jeffrey Epstein has actually been arrested. Indictments have been unsealed. This is the case that will bring down the House of Cards.
Everything we just prognosticated in DECLAS is coming true. Big Tech knew this was coming, and has grossly restricted freedom of speech online as a result.
What independent YouTube creator WOULDN’T want to talk about the biggest story of the year, which may soon become the story of the millennium?
Get ready for a TORRENT of new information coming out that none of us could possibly have foreseen. This is it. DECLAS is happening!
The California Independence Day earthquakes may have been strikes intended to take out the Deep State’s last, best chemtrail-attack facilities, as we will see.
The Deep State may have intended to usese the facilities in a final attempt to destroy America right before the indictments unseal.
Mass censorship won’t stop this Truth Avalanche from falling. We are just now seeing the first pebbles… and we probably won’t need to wait very long.

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