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New article --                                                                         WHY MY NEW BOOK IS MORE THAN A BOOK

by James Hufferd, Ph.D.                                                                                  Coordinator, 911 Grassroots Organization

     My new book, Colonel Crystal’s Parallel Universe, (189 pages) is officially published today, May 15, by Trine Day, a prime publisher of books that push the envelope and challenge absurd and ruinous taboos. The storyline is fiction, as with all my recent books. (I’ve written twelve books in the past fourteen years, nine of them already published, on all sorts of subjects, and each thoroughly researched to convey an important message.) But this one is special.

     It’s based on two premises, or questions. The first, partly for my own bemusement, but serious, was: Would it be possible for a very high-ranking U.S. military officer to develop the same critical dissident view of United States foreign policy practices, tactics, and especially, the multi-faceted brutal nonstop war on humankind, ultimately including its own helpless people at home, that I have? And what could happen if one did? Thus, I invented Col. Alva A. Crystal, USAF (retired), top-flight commander in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, with a raging case of PTSD.

     My second premise was based on my getting more than a little tired of literally millions of people and score unto hundreds of visible and prominent activists and dissidents, not unlike myself, constantly wringing their hands for years and years and bitching and crying about all of these senseless foreign wars our ruthless and spineless leaders kept dragging us into, more and more frequently lately, killing by one credible estimate more than 60 million people, in half the United Nations, far more than the western militaries killed in all of World War II, SINCE 1945, but nobody – I mean NOBODY – ever suggesting any practical way of STOPPING that – an amazing fact in itself!

     So, having taken about all that lily-livered cringing and complaining without ever even trying to think of a remedy I could stand, I set Colonel Crystal on a mission to come up with a way. And he did not disappoint.

     Hus solution, to what is way beyond bugging – DESTROYING – our country and the livable world, making the world ever cruder, more brutal, vengeful, hateful and deranged, and also bankrupt, is what he (and I) call the establishment of a DEFENSE-ONLY MILITARY deployment for the United States Armed Forces, based mainly here, to concentrate solely on protecting Americans and our own land, and maintaining readiness, in case we ever are attacked. (But, why would we be, if we stopped attacking, threatening, and deceitfully manipulating everyone else?) This to replace the elite American imperialist pick-fights, make wars, strategically take sides, perpetual bombing, heartlessly killing en masse, or turning into millions upon millions of sad, stunned homeless refugees the perfectly innocent designated “enemy” populations we have, one after another, tragically invaded, often with terrorist mercenaries. It obviously doesn’t matter under what president or party. And no other country on the face of the earth does this. Not one. And the which is bankrupting and depriving, by wasting otherwise available vast funds, our whole country and practically everybody in it, for the sole sake of a superfluously bloated war industry, central bankers, and Zionist megalomaniacs. And all this, while tempting, always, planet-wide nuclear pan-genocide.

     So, getting this special-mission book, laying out the only practical plan known for stopping America’s massive, mounting military malignancy menace, written and refined (it took me roughly three years), and some others, featuring more-or-less related subjects, is why I haven’t been cranking out my articles lately, every 2 or 3 weeks, like I was.

     As I said, Colonel Crystal’s Parallel Universe, thoroughly making the case for and explaining in detail the DEFENSE-ONLY MILITARY idea, its necessity, and it many implications, is now, today, available, for $12.95 from and at least a score of other online sites. So, please order and read it (a real page-turner, I’m told; it may be the strongest anti-war book of our generation), not to benefit my bottom line (Lord knows, I could use it!), but so I can convince and enable you to answer its challenge to help stop ALL U.S. militarily-unprovoked, aggressive wars and instead direct America to impact the world in revolutionary fashion through the spectacle of honest diplomacy, individual freedom, initiative, and industriousness, while minding our own damn business – which was what our Founders, who resisted even having a standing (professional) army of any kind – had in mind and counseled us to not depart from. In this case, at least, “back to the future” is exactly “what the world needs now”.

     If you agree with me, read my book and help spread the word! If enough do, eventually, we can make DEFENSE-ONLY MILITARY an easily understandable rallying-point and a credible option, a national issue, to stop these insane psychopath wars, the current spurt deliberately launched by neocons on false-flag 9/11. (Or, continue to do nothing, feel bad, moan, criticize, and watch in horror.) At least, give it a read and lend your voice and mind.
JH: 5/15/19

TTR Episode 26: JM Talboo Interviews James Hufferd, Ph.D. about His New Book 'Colonel Crystal's Parallel Universe - A Defense Only Military'

JM Talboo Interviews James Hufferd, Ph.D. about His New Book 'Colonel Crystal's Parallel Universe - A Defense Only Military'