Sunday, January 15, 2017


by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization

     Policy specifics aside for a moment (although, as they say, the devil is in the details), the meme enunciated by the US Democratic Party under Obama has been best encapsulated in phalanx of single words, like Brotherhood and Inclusion. Party-line liberals (of which I could easily have been misconstrued as one myself until the Mafia-like character of the party apparatus fully materialized during the still-recent primaries) give every indication even now of continuing to believe themselves the unique bearers of sweetness and light to the world. But a simple look at the record of late has come to indicate the exact opposite. Acceptance? Forget it. If you, as a left-out working class person, or identifying with same, decided to spurn the conniving, greedy old woman installed as nominee over they party rank-and-file’s more promising, and therefore popular choice, then you don’t qualify for consideration. Because, thievery is no excuse for rejection.
     And so, your less-than-sterling general-election choice, become president-elect, deserves in spades every lie and canard that can be dreamed up and viciously hurled. BECAUSE WE ARE FURIOUS! (Read mad). There’s none of this customary “You’ve won this time; we’ll learn and do better and win next time.” No! Instead, the left-mugwumps’ abject revilement of Trump, who, quite incidentally, painted nearly the whole map red, is eerily like that of the southern firebrands for the newly-elected Lincoln in 1860 – to reject and denounce the whole unsupportive Constitution since that’s the result adherence to it mandates.
     And the hell with our “brotherhood”, they seem to say, and our “unite the country/we’re stronger together” crap now. Because, OUR ox was gored, not theirs; and the good sportsmanship we demanded so loudly for the sake of the country was only assuming WE won, as planned, and that YOU would have had to swallow bile and concede.
     Now, with the horrible nightmare way everything turned out, we’re just going to employ instead everyconceivable means, fair and foul, to wreck or kill your-president-not-ours, Trump, to divide and destroy this country and fill the nation’s airwaves and brainwaves with “Russia, Russia, Comie and commies, Comie, Putin, and Trump (Russia) did it to us, Commie-Fascist-Nazi! Russia-to-invade-Baltic-States, (What? No evidence?) Russia and Trump to invade Canada, Cuba, a wall to isolate California, Russia and Syria, ISIS, Russia (Putin) and Ukraine, Crimea, Olympics-cheating Russia, Putin, Russian plot, let’s nuke and goad Russia to fire first, surround the Russians with troops and installations to ignite Armageddon for Trump and Russia and Assad to deal with, goad and block China, rape, pillage, desecrate, DESTROY (just as we have been doing in the once-greater Middle East for over two decades), jack the mullahs around, blow up the world (as now seems to have been the commanding psychos’ eventual plan all along, anyway  – WHATEVER! Because the rotten ingrates throughout the middle 90% of America abandoned us and we LOST! And we just HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE it!”
     One commonly-overlooked ingredient you have to have to have a successful country is adults. Where are they? And now we know that the colossal tantrum happening over the mere existence of the clear president-elect was orchestrated. 9/11 was one forever reeking example of supremely powerful people determined to do anything, everything to have their way with the world. And now, I fear, we have another.