Wednesday, October 5, 2016

UN Celebrates Day Of Global Destruction

Recently, United Nation’s Peace Day was celebrated in Austin, Texas. A celebration of complete hypocrisy. The same United Nations fomenting a growing possibility of WW3 as Russia is demonized because they will not bend to the will of globalism. The same United Nations with peacekeeper forces that routinely rape the children they are there to protect. The same United Nations that is on the verge of crossing the threshold on the ratification of the Paris Climate Pact which, under UN Agenda 2030, will tax every human activity and force humanity into densely packed mega cities under UN control. The same United Nations gradually taking control of your local police force under the Strong Cities Network to establish a global New World Order police state. The same United Nations that wants to replace the natural world with a genetically modified one. Yeah that United Nations.

The machine of globalism is churning at maximum speed. Agenda 2030 is a ramp up of the totalitarian Agenda 21, intended to accelerate the New World Order system with major changes by 2018. Meanwhile, Populism is sweeping the planet. And the anxiety festering among the globalists is rising. A Bloomberg chart documents the word usage in terms like uncertainty, fear, risk, worry, destabilize, and tensions from the meeting of the UN Agenda 2015 Assembly until the latest UN Agenda 2016 Assembly. And its obvious, the globalist’s knees are knocking. Jon Bowne reports.