Thursday, September 1, 2016

If Jay-Z and Beyonce are in the Illuminati Then David Duke is in the Black Panthers

The Bonesman of Yale shared not just the symbolism of the Skull and Bones with the SS Nazi elite, but practiced many of the same exact initiation rituals and recruited their elite members from the same strata of society. 
Like the Bonesmen of Yale, the Nazi SS recruited its members from the upper echelons of society, i.e. the blue bloods, bankers, and aristocrats. As detailed by Heinz Hohns (6), “the first arrivals were from the aristocracy. Even before the Nazi seizure of power certain great names had been added to the SS list” including Grand Dukes, Counts, and Princes. However, “in spring 1933 came a further infusion of blue blood. Many of the senior SS posts were occupied by the nobility... and the ruling class elite. The primary requirements in the SS, were money and officer material, and they could come only from one source—the old-established ruling class elite—the nobility, the world of commerce and the financiers... German’s captains of industry.”

Jay-Z and Beyonce are at best pawns in a game and made to believe they are members, so as to foment a race war in America. The true Illuminati would pump up their egos and wallets to help them help along such a war, not caring that their race might lose. The Illuminati are racist eugenicists after all and would never truly allow blacks in their club. Playing both sides against the middle to create a police state, a solution to the problem that they created.