Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Ed Asner: One of The Things I'm Most Proud Of...

Dear Friends,

Of all the things I’ve done in my life — the TV shows, the movies, you name it — appearing in Solving the Mystery of Building 7 by AE911Truth is one the things I’m most proud of. Why? Because I helped an organization near and dear to my heart and did something for a cause that I believe in deeply.

I want to thank you personally for also believing in this cause and for being a supporter of AE911Truth. It’s because of us — the tens of thousands who are vocal and active and unwilling to give up — that there’s still a real chance of exposing the truth about 9/11.

AE911Truth’s annual membership drive is another opportunity to do something important for the cause. If you aren’t already, I urge you to become a sustaining member of AE911Truth. They need our help to keep going strong and we need them to continue carrying the torch of 9/11 Truth, which they do so effectively and admirably.

Join me in supporting this remarkable organization and the more than 2,400 courageous architects and engineers they represent. Yours truly, Ed Asner