Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Assault on Cognitive Thought by Michael Shermer & 'Skeptic' Associates

The Assault on Cognitive Thought by Michael Shermer and "Skeptic" AssoCIAtes by Vic Sadot at Truth Troubadour Blog 1-25-16. An article on the collusion at KPFA Pacifica with disinformation, pseudo-science, fake skepticism, the legitimization of lies and character assassination, and the deliberate ongoing Orwellian assault on the meaning of terminology to shut down critical thinking. It is indeed pseudo-intellectualism and it is a cover-up for repressive legislation and the permanent "war on terror".

Vic Sadot is a singer-songwriter based in Berkeley, CA who is known for his "9/11 Truth & Justice Songs" CD released on 9/11/11 featuring "Blowback or Bloody Treason" inspired by Michael C. Ruppert's Crossing the Rubicon, the "Mad Cowboy Disease 2013" update video on Obama the drone bomber, and his 9/11 Truth hit on "Cheney's in the Bunker"Vic is available for solo bookings & political protests in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to gmail, Vic is TruthTroubadour at BlogspotYouTube, and TwitterVic Sadot is active on Vic Sadot on Facebook and with the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance on Facebook at His home website is 

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Michael Shermer the Pseudo Skeptical Propagandist