Friday, April 3, 2015

Hit piece documentary: The 9/11 Truth movement in Sweden – ENGLISH SUBTITLES

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A TV-program from 2010 (hit-piece) made by Swedish TV4 about The 9/11 Truth movement in Sweden and also in other parts of the world. TV4:s approach and agenda was to demonize all 9/11-truthers and slandering all interested in 9/11 by portraying them in this TV-program as ”anti-semitic” and ”a threat to democracy”. People watching this program will instantly recognize this unethical approach towards investigating a very serious issue like the 9/11 attacks. strives to bring forth information that regular mainstream media usually neglects or minimizes its importance. We long for a more transparent news coverage with a broader view, which in its turn leads to a more open and free society. has been active for 10+ years and is now one of Swedens largest alternative media outlets with 70.000–100.000 unique visitors per month and about 10.000.00+ page hits.

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