Thursday, August 28, 2014

NATO comes to the UK to make war plans: Week of protests

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NATO comes to the UK to make war plans: Week of protests

The NATO summit is only a few days away. 60 world leaders, including Barack Obama, meet in the UK on 4-5 September to plan their war on the world. From 30 August protesters will flock to South Wales for international actions including a national demonstration on 30 August, counter summits, and a week-long peace camp.

We're already seeing how the summit is shaping up. Today's Guardian suggests David Cameron is planning to join Barack Obama in air strikes on Iraq and Syria.  They plan to use the summit to whip up support for new wars in the Middle East. They also want to reverse the defeat suffered by Cameron in parliament last year when it voted not to go to war with Syria.

In addition, the summit will be the occasion to further extend Nato's reach into eastern Europe, with the  proposals to build nato bases in the Baltic states. The only non-Nato country head of state at the summit is the Ukrainian president, a clear sign of Nato's central involvement there.

Meanwhile Cardiff and Newport are in lockdown to try to prevent  protestors opposing the Nato warmongering agenda. Thousands of people from Wales and across the country will be embarking on a week of protest across the two cities. Please support as many of these events as you can.

Timetable of Events, transport, peace camp
  • You can see a full timetable for the No to Nato events at our website, here:
  • Book transport going to Wales from London and elsewhere, here:
  • There is a peace camp (bring your own tent!) from Friday 29 August for people who wish to stay in Newport for the week. Full details here:

National Demonstration in Newport

We urge people who can to attend the national demonstration on Saturday 30 August (see transport going to Wales from London and elsewhere, here:

On the first day of the NATO Summit on Thursday 4 September there demonstrations in Newport and Cardiff. More details here:

If you are unable to make the trip to Newport or Cardiff, there will be a live blog of Saturday's demonstration, here:

Help us cover the cost of the No To Nato - No New Wars events

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