Sunday, June 22, 2014

'911 Deniers' Never Existed Anywhere but Whithin the Twisted Mind's of 'Debunkers'

Invoking the term "denier" through the years, is a blatantly obvious smear tactic that works with some via guilt-by-association.

The word Holocaust goes hand in hand with the word denier. Surely most people will think of this connection and be reminded of those insulting holocaust deniers. Some after doing so will see the rouse at hand. I think most. But 'debunkers' also know that even if the dots of their trickery are not connected, the term denier is virtually always used in the pejorative. The term thus subconsciously brings about aversion to whatever it's being applied to.

For this very same reason, 'debunkers' corrupted the term of endearment "truther," once meaning one was a courageous citizen, having dedicated large portions of their life, in an attempt at finding that noble root word, better left unheard for 'debunkers'---TRUTH.

They had see to it that the truther meme be hijacked and subverted by it being mispronounced as twoofer or toofer, implying that we were just a bunch of dolts looking for truths that aren't there to find. But they truthfully don't look to see if this is so most of the time. They presuppose their being correct, on what they perceive as their superior understanding of logic and probabilities, as opposed to letting the evidence go opposite those directions if that's where the truth leads. See truth doesn't give a shit what you think about it's likely hood of being truth.

It's really pretty simple, the duh-bunkers lie when using dirty tricks like this while denying it. They are liars and deniers of uncomfortable truths, that may lead to unbearable truths. Truth capable of taking their establishment defending based world view and shattering it into oblivion.
So, they are pseudo-skeptics, liars, and empiricism deniers. They could say in response to the above, that they rather be a debunker than a truther. That's fine, just so long as they say truther correctly.