Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Carl Sagan and Government - Charlie Rose Interview

Carl Sagan's view on science and government. 

Carl Sagan makes some great points in this 2 minute clip especially about being able to think for yourself using logic ('the science way of thinking') - to be sceptical of those in authority.

Crucially he said "Science is more than a body of knowledge. It's a way of thinking".

The danger we face comes from false pseudo-scientific claims. We must be mindful of trick arguments or evidence-bereft arguments being pushed by those with hidden agendas, especially people with close ties to the US establishment.

The danger from false Government claims is that they tend to do great harm because they often serve interests that are not beneficial to ordinary people, tending to favour corporate profit over human wellbeing or the desires of various special interest groups or large scale geopolitical (war) ambitions.

If we can think for ourselves we should not fear any argument, whether it is considered a 'fringe' idea or Government dogma, because we will be able to interrogate the matter using reason and established scientific principles. If there is controversy we should be able to understand the essential arguments being put by the leading experts in the debate.