Friday, November 15, 2013

A Cheap and Effective Way to Spread the Word about the Campaign

These ReThink911 stickers are effective, inexpensive ways to get 9/11 into the minds of everyone you know – and don’t.

Price $0.99
5 or more $0.80 each
10 or more $0.70 each
20 or more $0.55 each

Find this and many other great items in the store. I myself just chipped in with a friend on 500 of the ReThink911 Street Brochures, after having previously purchasing 100 myself. 

My friend can be seen handing them out in a video on my previous post, "Help to Spread the Word About With This Street Brochure," while in front of the NY Times building in NYC. Which as many readers know currently has a 29-foot by 13-foot billboard directly adjacent to it, that calls out the Times for their lack of coverage of the campaign (which thus far has resulted in exactly the same amount of non-coverage, see related link below).  

I on the other hand opted to just to hang my fliers up about my area like so. There is no shortage of creative ways to use these tools to inform people once you get to brainstorming, so please consider doing your small but important part in raising more awareness to this important and historic effort. The Times isn't doing their job so we have to continue on being the media and change we want to see.