Thursday, October 24, 2013

EPA Whistle-Blower Fired Again

A recent article by the Environment News Service reminds us all that nothing has changed:

The EPA fired Dr. Cate Jenkins in 2010 for exposing EPA´s cover-up of the toxic dust in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks in NY. The first responders did their work without sufficient protection because the EPA had told them it was safe, and as a result many of them have permanent disabilities. The EPA is still trying to get rid of Dr. Jenkins even though a federal civil service court unanimously ruled against it a year ago, and gave Dr. Jenkins her job back. PEER senior counsel Paula Dinerstein, who represent Dr. Jenkins, states in the interview with the ENS:
The evidence we have assembled shows a high-level involvement in instigating and pursuing these dubious allegations,” Dinerstein said, noting that starting in October 2001, Dr. Jenkins also revealed falsifications of asbestos levels and standards by the EPA and the City of New York.
Earlier, starting in 1990, Dr. Jenkins disclosed the manipulation of studies on workers exposed to dioxin, contained in Agent Orange, which had been used to deny Vietnam veterans health benefits.
In fact Monsanto had pressured the EPA to fire Dr. Jenkins in the 90´s for exposing fraudulent studies, but Jenkins won that fight eventually and lets all hope she wins this one as well.

Uncle Sam´s abuse of Vietnam veterans and 9/11 first-responders does not surprise anyone that has seriously researched the military industrial complex and the 9/11 inside-job hypothesis. I encourage you to read Dr. Jenkins´s extensive exposure of  EPA´s fraudulent WTC studies, and notice that one of the scientists charged with scientific misconduct is none other than Dr. Millette, the author of the unpublished and debunked report that was supposed to refute the 2009 study by Harrit et al. that identified nano-thermite in the WTC dust.