Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The latest viral from "liberal" Hollywood

When a bunch of clueless celebrities get together to advance a political agenda it annoys me. I remember when I first watched Team America: World Police. While I found the movie hilarious, I didn't really like how it ridiculed anti-war celebrities. Now, 8 years later, South Park is pretty much my religion and I think Trey and Matt actually had a point in ridiculing those "liberal" Hollywood types. Their hypocrisy is astounding. Where has Sean Penn been since Obama came into power and not only continued, but expanded, the wars in the middle east? Why has he never said Obama "should be in fucking jail"? Oh right, because Obama's "liberal". It's okay when they do it!

Remember this creepy "I Pledge" video featuring numerous celebrities that was uploaded the day before Obama was inaugurated in January 2009?

Well some of those same celebrities are at it again, exploiting the recent Sandy Hook massacre and using their platform to promote a gun control agenda.

Okay let's see, orally stimulating satan this time are: Paul Rudd, BeyoncĂ©, Jessica Alba (NOOOO!), Reese Witherspoon, Will Ferrell, Ellen Degeneres, Jennifer Garner, Selena Gomez (LOL), Chris Rock, Cameron Diaz, Courtney Cox, Steve Carell, Jennifer Aniston, Elizabeth Banks, Gwyneth Paltrow, Conan O'Brian and a bunch of other people I either don't recognize or don't know the name of off the top of my head. Lady Gaga also signed the "demand a plan" petition. If there's one thing that annoys me more than clueless celebrities making viral videos to promote a cause, it's people immediately seizing upon tragedies - especially ones involving children - to give a political lecture, and this video has both, so it's doubly disgusting.

I've lived all my life in the UK, so I've never fired or even held a gun before. And personally I'm happy about that. I am not "pro-gun", but I am anti-gun-control. In the UK, semi-automatic rifles were banned after the 1987 Hungerford massacre and handguns were banned after the 1996 Dunblane Primary School massacre (which many suspect to be a false flag, interesting how the same script is being followed at the moment in the US). Gun crime has of course gone down since those bans, though it did go up at first, but the UK is by no means a safe country. Assaults, stabbings, bottle attacks, sexual offences, burglaries etc. still go on and the police are generally incompetent. Several of my friends have been assaulted and bottled while walking home after nights out during the last five years or so and the police never do a damn thing about it!  Whether or not promoting a gun culture will improve things, I'm not sure, but I'm willing to give it a try.

In the US, the number of people killed by guns is far less than the number of people killed by cars and by modern medicine. The response from gun control advocates to these undeniable facts is that cars and medicine greatly benefit society so it's worth it overall, guns don't. Their entire argument is predicated on the assumption that guns serve no purpose, but that is simply not true. Guns serve a very important purpose: they protect citizens from tyrants. Take a look at this picture...

This is a 1944 photo of the Auschwitz-Birkenau selection ramp (where it was decided which Jews would be sent to a labor camp and which would be sent to the gas chambers). Notice anything strange? There's thousands of Jews and just a few armed Nazis. How could so many allow themselves to be imprisoned by so few? Well there are many reasons, mostly psychological - cognitive dissonance, group pressure etc. Another key reason was gun control. Even those Jews who knew what awaited them couldn't exactly do anything, because they were unarmed. Years before, the Nazi government in Germany had made it illegal for Jews to own guns.

This isn't some non-sequitur invocation of "Godwin's Law". The disarming of Jews was key to the holocaust. They took away their ability to fight back, and this is how all tyrannies work. The founding fathers of America knew this and that's why America has a second amendment. I wonder how many of these "Demand a Plan" celebrities celebrate the fourth of July. If they support gun control, then they might as well not bother celebrating it from now on.

The recent increase in mass shootings in the US (assuming they aren't false flags, which, considering the media hype they attract, they probably are) is not due to guns, they are symptomatic of a degraded culture. Some people blame movies and video games, and they're probably right to a degree. That's not to say everyone who plays Call of Duty is going to shoot a bunch of people. I started playing 18-rated Grand Theft Auto games when I was 12 and I'm fine, but a subset of people of a certain psychological profile probably do get affected by these games.

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