Monday, February 6, 2012

David in Los Angeles, CA Writes...

hi there, just wanted to take a minute and say how much i appreciate your 9/11 truth site. Your research and all the details of evidence you provide are excellent. Like yourselves, i take the more conservative views of the 9/11 movement and try to stick with the refutations of the official story, rather than on speculations of what might have happened (like the various pentagon theories). Your blog has been a valuable resource for me as i also have taken a strong interest in the "debunking the debunkers" side of things. Still to this day, the strongest evidence to me is how the government and it's supporters argue their case (straw men, ad hominem, ridicule and insults) and how they have hid or destroyed much of the evidence as well as suppressed testimonies in the Commission hearings and silenced the whistleblowers. This is all VERY revealing and i think that if this were a case on a trial, with a jury, their fraud and deception would be plainly evident (to anyone with a critical thinking cap on that is).Anyway, thank you so much for all your hard work, research and putting the debunkers in their place. Also thank you for correcting much of the misinformation and/or disinformation out there. peace to you and keep fighting the fight..i support you all 100%!