Friday, March 11, 2011

Insanity is the Norm at the Screw Loose Change Blog

The Screw Loose Change blog recently posted "criticism" of an emotive appeal that appeared on this blog that is entitled "Re-Investigation of 911" on You Tube.

Their attack consisted only of ad hominem ridicule; "Can you imagine anything more insane?", whilst the comments made by the online video poster, in relation to 911, were COMPLETELY VALID.

The Screw Loose Change propagandists are the ones who are mentally lacking. These "debunkers" would have you believe there are no serious problems with the official 911 story that would require a re-investigation of the murders.

To agree with them you would have to blindly accept that the 911 Commission, roundly criticised from many quarters as being an exercise in cover up, and admitted by several of the Commissioners themselves as being seriously flawed, has provided an adequate accounting of the events of 911.

Indeed, to agree with these "debunkers" you would have to accept the unscientific NIST "explanations" into the WTC demolitions. However, NIST doesn't even account for the collapse features of the Towers (global collapses are not inevitable), and NIST lies about Building 7 whilst ignoring the mountain of experimental and forensic data that proves the case for explosives.

To accept the "debunker" claim of insanity you would have to reject unrefuted peer reviewed scientific papers showing evidence of explosives at the WTC on 911, as they have, and live in denial of the Laws of Physics as demonstrated in their refusal to accept simple physical proofs of demolition.

The video poster's claims are correct. We have been hoodwinked and we have been cheated out of living in a country based upon Law, truth-seeking and liberty. Rational people should stand by the emotive appeal made in this video, one that is backed by science and hard evidence. The insane or easily mislead can stand by the ridicule and baseless arguments put out by the "debunkers."