Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Some brief thoughts on a few random things

1) Michael Shermer, amazingly enough, has not linked the recent Tucson shootings to 9/11 Truth. He is however trying to claim there's nothing suspicious about the mass bird and fish deaths. What about the 96% drop in honeybees, Shermer? Is that normal? He of course puts all this hysteria down to people seeing patterns where there is none.

He has also joined in with the Wakefield crucifixion. I'm kind of sick of this. All this fuss over a thirteen-year-old, five-page pilot study that came to absolutely no conclusions. Shermer's right when he says people make connections where there is none. He and his fellow skeptics are guilty of just that. Wakefield's study sparked doubts about the vaccine safety. Children died. Therefore, Wakefield is obviously an evil man who is to blame for those deaths. Again, one could make a comparison with those who blame Darwin for the holocaust - an accusation skeptics rightly reject.

The alleged fraud by the way was impossible to commit. Brian Deer points to apparent differences between NHS/GP records and descriptions of the children's symptoms in the paper as evidence of intentional misrepresentation. But the authors of the paper didn't have access to those records at the time, so there was nothing to intentionally misrepresent! Wakefield appeared on Good Morning America yesterday to defend himself. He'll also be in-studio on AJ today. It's interesting that the media has neither interviewed any of the "Lancet 12" parents or any of his 12 co-authors.

2) I often say that ScrewLooseChange is now little more than a 9/11 Truth gossip blog. Well it seems even that is being generous. Yesterday, Pat wondered when Richard Gage would retract his 'endorsement' of CIT.

Errr ... Pat ... Richard Gage never endorsed CIT. He later clarified his initial review:
Earlier this year I wrote a review of CIT's "National Security Alert" in which I recommended that we all take a closer at the eyewitness accounts supporting the "North path" of American Airlines Flight 77 at the Pentagon. CIT's investigation includes detailed in-person interviews which appeared quite compelling. As AE911Truth's focus is the destruction of three buildings at WTC, I didn't perform an exhaustive review of CIT's material and methods. My quick statement should not be portrayed as an endorsement of CIT's conclusion that the airliner "flew over" the Pentagon.
Gossip fail.


4) I finally got round to watching What In The World Are They Spraying? yesterday. Shocking stuff. I hadn't done any research on chemtrails before so it was all new to me. There are so many serious environmental concerns: deforestation, smog, islands of trash in the pacific, biowarfare, Depleted Uranium, electromagnetic pollution, HAARP, toxic water, oil spills (and oil dispersants), the EPA telling you your air is safe to breathe, overfishing, mass animal deaths, GMO, bat-shit crazy scientists and their "geoengineering" experiments etc. Yet we're supposed to ignore most of those and focus on "climate change". Greenies, wake up! They don't give a shit about the planet! They're a bunch of nihilistic, megalomaniacal, transhumanist eugenecists bent on playing god.

"We are going to become Gods, PERIOD. If you don't like it, get off. You don't have to contribute. You don't have to participate. But if you're gonna to interfere with ME becoming a God,
you're gonna have big trouble. And we'll have warfare."

~ Richard Seed, Human Cloning Researcher,
TechnoCalyps - Part II - Preparing for the Singularity (18:44)