Friday, August 6, 2010

Why do you even need to "debunk"?

There are a lot of sites out there "debunking" 9/11 truthers, global warming "deniers", natural health "quacks", "anti-vaxers" and anyone who questions the dogma of Darwinism. My question is, why? If the mainstream view is so obvious, why bother? I mean you don't see many "Debunking Holocaust Denial" websites or "Debunking Flat Earth" websites or "Debunking Geocentrism" websites. So if the "consensus views" of 9/11, climate change, medicine, evolution etc. are as obvious as a round Earth, a heliocentric solar system or the fact that the Holocaust happened, as you "skeptics" like to claim, why even bother "debunking"? You're obviously threatened by your opponents or else you wouldn't be doing it.

What's even more ironic is in all these case you claim there's no debate. "The debate is over" say the man-made global warming proponents - as you're producing lengthy "rebuttals" to lectures by Lord Monckton. Well evidently there is a debate or else you wouldn't be trying so hard to refute him, would you?

"9/11 conspiracy theories are as baseless as holocaust denial" say thermite deniers like Michael Shermer - as you regurgitate the same old lies from discredited authorities to "rebut" us time and time again. Put a bent spoon in it, Shermer!

So stop comparing your opponents to flat-earthers and Holocaust deniers, stop saying there isn't a debate, stop using straw-man arguments and ad-hominem attacks, stop putting blind religious faith in discredited "scientific" authorities and biased computer simulations, stop making up false claims about the peer-review status of the science supporting the other side, and put up or shut the f*ck up!