Saturday, July 25, 2009

What I learned from 9/11 debunkers.

This is a response to this page

There is overwhelming evidence to support the official story. Conspiracy theorists cherry pick evidence which support their theories and deny evidence which doesn't. But the official investigators look at all the facts.

The Bush administration consisted of loving, caring individuals who were devoted to defending the US constitution and would not even think about staging terrorist attacks.

The government with trillions of dollars and a powerful military at its disposal could not possibly have orchestrated such a massive operation but a guy in a cave out in the middle-east can.

There is no such thing as compartmentalization. When a production company makes a film, the writing, producing, acting, directing, costumes, special effects, soundtrack and post-production are all done by the same small group of people. No specialization, no structure, everyone involved knows as much as everyone else.

Terrorists hate our freedom. And all those CCTV cameras, armed police officers and anti-terror laws are there to protect our freedom.

Terrorists who hate democracy like to make our government's life really easy by leaving convenient paper trails whenever they carry out a terrorist attack.

We should all fear terrorists. 3000 people were killed in major a terrorist attack in 2001, 200 in 2002, 200 in 2004, 50 in 2005, 200 in 2006 and 180 in 2008. That's about 4000 people in 8 years! Terrorism is the greatest threat to the people of this world - not cancer or AIDs or heart disease which kills millions a year, not world poverty which kills 30,000 children a day, not those wars we are fighting in the name of these terrorist attacks which have killed over a million Iraqis since 2003 and tens of thousands of British and American soldiers. Fighting terrorism should be our number one priority.

When two planes have already been hijacked and crashed into buildings and a third plane also appears to be hijacked and is heading for the capital, the most logical thing to do is completely ignore it.

Making comparisons between the three World Trade Center towers and other high rise buildings that burned much hotter for much longer and didn't collapse is ludicrous because of their different constructions. But comparing the towers to a low-rise 13 story building in Holland or a toy factory is perfectly acceptable.

When a hammer strikes a nail, the hammer will gain speed after impact. And if I were to jump on some scales, they would display a lower value for my weight than if I simply stood on them.

Falling mass hitting one side of a building can cause an upward explosive force sufficient to destroy a landing on the other side.

Fire now has the ability to intelligently seek out and destroy a structure's single point of failure. If you work in a large office building, watch out for intelligent, malevolent fire!

A series of well placed, accurately timed, 4500 degree thermite reactions cannot bring a building down symmetrically into its own footprint at the rate of freefall but scattered, 1400 degree office fires which move around every half an hour can.

The demolition industry is now completely redundant. Instead of wasting a lot of time, money and effort carefully rigging up a building with explosive charges, you can now achieve the same results using only a lighter and a copy of the NIST report.

Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan and Niels Harrit, who invite scientific scrutiny of their work, have no credibility whatsoever. NIST on the other hand are SO credible they don't need to be independently peer-reviewed.

Popular Mechanics and the BBC are fine examples of investigative journalism. And Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

If there was a conspiracy, the government funded investigations would of course openly admit it.

All the survivors, first responders and family members hate the 9/11 truth movement.