Saturday, January 10, 2009

Give us a new Independent Investigation

Did you know that according to a scientific poll conducted in 2007 that 51% of Americans support a new investigation?

Left gatekeepers and "debunkers" have done everything they can to stop the research into 9/11 and discredit our motives. We have been called crazy, told to get a life, etc. Guess what, I have a life.

Here is what Vice President Joe Biden had to say about cover-ups:

It will take time, and we are NOT going away, nor will we be silent!

George Carlin took time at a book signing to give his opinion on 9/11:

George did not believe that we would EVER get the Truth from them investigating themselves.Yet that is what they did to come up with the Official story. I agree with George regarding this statement. Oh and just for the record: I have a FULL life, kids who are teenagers, home schooled, I help care for an aging parent, have a JOB, pay my taxes and vote. I do not do drugs, am on NO medications, and rarely drink. I am a Mom who refuses to sit idly by and watch, while the sacrifices won in Blood, for the freedoms of this country, go up in the Twin Towers and Building Seven demolition smoke. Use the resources below and get involved! - Now What? GET INVOLVED - What You Can Do
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