Thursday, August 25, 2011

Upcoming BBC Hitpiece

UPDATE: The Eleventh Fail: The BBC & 9/11 Truth ... Four and a Half Years On

Okay so it seems 21:00 GMT, August 29, 2011 is when I'll get to watch a program that will once again renew my utter disgust toward the BBC.

The Conspiracy Files: 9/11 Ten Years On

According to Kevin Ryan, word on the street is this program will attempt to discredit Niels Harrit and the nanothermite paper. Since we've probably blogged about this topic more than anyone else on the internet, bring it on Beeb!

Scheduled for an hour before is probably the longest post I've written - a countdown of my top ten debunker fails, including one from the BBC.

But for now, here's a brief recap of some of the lies and dirty tricks in the BBC's past Conspiracy Files pieces:
  1. Attacking 9/11 truth straw man by spending most of their first 9/11 program addressing theories rejected by most serious truthers, such as those surrounding the Pentagon. They also attempted to link the truth movement with anti-semitism.
  2. Claiming every floor of WTC7 was on fire, when even NIST doesn't claim that. Most of the smoke eminating from the south side was most likely smoke from building 6 clinging to WTC7 via a negative pressure. Richard Gage mentioned this in the program but was ridiculed, despite the fact that this phenomenon can be observed happening to the north tower in footage shot shortly after the collapse of the south tower.
  3. Appealing to the authority of Professor Sisson to whitewash the eutectic steel from WTC7. Professor Sisson simply asserted it wasn't unusual, without doing experiments. See here for an experiment that refutes Sisson's assertion.
  4. Acknowledging that one of Steven Jones' dust samples was collected on the day of 9/11, before any cleanup work had begun, yet still attempting to attribute the iron microspheres to cleanup work.
  5. Briefly mentioning the red chips but then dismissing them. Steven Jones apparently ran all kinds of experiments for their cameras but none of that footage made it into the program.
  6. Denying the existence of nanothermite and ridiculing Steven Jones for talking about it, despite the vast amount of literature documenting its existence.
  7. Misrepresenting Barry Jennings' timeline. The timeline only works if you assume Jennings spent half an hour on the stairwells. Apparently it takes half an hour to run down 17 flights of stairs! Not only that but they then accused the makers of Loose Change of twisting Barry's words regarding the dead bodies - even though they released the raw footage of their interview with him on the internet, something the BBC has not done. Jennings died suspiciously a couple of months after the program aired.
  8. Both programs were full of emotional manipulation. Family members and first responders who find alternative views offensive were interviewed and sentimental music was played as they attacked 9/11 truth. The BBC neglected to mention the fact that most family members and first responders actually agree with us! Why didn't they interview people like Bob McIlvaine and Kevin McPadden? Their ignorance of these people is probably the most dispicable thing about these programs.
The film 9/11 and the British Broadcasting Conspiracy completely tears apart the first BBC piece; watch it here. See here for a critical review of their WTC7 piece.